Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Savannah Trip March 16th,8a-Atlanta/Savannah


Depart from Tavern 99
128 E Andrews Drive Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30305

Parking, coach bus transportation (Much nicer & newer buses this year!), beverages (, colas, mimosas, water), snacks, a light breakfast and parade beads. Mimosas will be served in the morning. Beer & wine will be on the bus.

We plan on arriving around Noon. The Visitor’s Center located at 301 Martin Luther King Blvd. Is the drop-off and pickup location. We will head to River Street for the festivities and a pub crawl after catching the parade. A schedule and map will be provided on Saturday. You must be back at Visitors center by 8pm. That is when we will head back to Atlanta. We will arrive back in Atlanta around midnight. If you miss the bus ride back to Atlanta, transportation is on your own.

We will take two buses down to Savannah, GA for the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the country. This is a day trip up and back. This is a very exciting & fun trip. Before you know it you will realize that you are in Savannah, Georgia. We will meet at Tavern 99 located at 128 East Andrews Dr, Atlanta, GA 30305 in Buckhead. Please plan on arriving between 7:30 am and & 7:45 am. We will leave by 8am.

No parking in Tavern 99 lot but parking is available in lots around Buckhead.

Please check in when you arrive. You will need to get an armband, name tag & beads. A light breakfast will be provided along with mimosas. 

You may bring items on the bus. You can bring small coolers, backpacks, jackets, pillows, umbrellas, boom box, etc. Nothing can be placed in the aisle. You may leave articles on the bus as well. Your items will be safe on the bus. The buses will drop off us in Savannah and will leave and will not be back until 8pm that night to pick us up at the same drop off site. So you need to take what you will need for the day with you. The coach buses have bathrooms, DVD/VCR’s and stereos. Snacks will be provided on the bus. Lunch & dinner is on your own. Most people do lunch when we arrive in Savannah. 

St. Patrick's Day Savannah BusTrip is #where2go



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