Friday, October 26, 2012

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse-Oct 26,27,28,31-Atlanta

The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse  is an immerse horror attraction. In the "Zombie Shoot" attendees will receive a paintball gun and gear then you must shoot your way through a dark rooms and hallways of an abandoned motel as zombies attack from all sides!

Creating the stage for this apocalyptic vision is 35 Acres of an abandoned truck stop with 100,000 Square feet space featuring a 2 story Motel, ransacked restaurants, businesses, tight offices, long hallways, and courtyards.And new this year 4 ACRES OF WOODS!

This adventure will feel like you are in a Hollywood movie, running in and out of buildings, up and down stairs and covering a lot of ground as you flee from the undead who all want to eat your brains!

Oh and If you didn't pay attention to any of the million zombies movies, let me remind you how to survive a zombie attack..AIM FOR THE HEAD!! Good luck!!

Want a real THRILL? Make it a combo deal and purchase the complete adventure deal of all three attractions! ZWAR,Curse of the Undead, and Zombie Shoot! With only a few days left (Oct 26,27,28,31) Hurry!

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is #where2go

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