Thursday, October 4, 2012

Atlanta Greek Festival Oct 4-7-Atlanta

How do you OPA? Come out and enjoy tasty Greek dishes at the Atlanta Greek Festival today through Sunday (Oct 4-7) The Annunciation Cathedral and the Atlanta Greek Community are proud to host the Atlanta Greek Festival.  Learn how to cook authentic Greek dishes from the chefs who will be demonstrating and sharing cooking tips, and if you can cook Baklava, I just might become your close friend! Who doesn't love Baklava? 

Of course the AGF is all about Kefi' (when the music is playing and the joys of life consume you making you want to jump, dance and yell OPA!) Live Greek music and traditional bouzouki will fill your dancing soul, but if you can't dance, enjoy the performance of Greek dancers by award winning Greek dancers! 

Be sure to take a Cathedral lecture tour and get your learning on! Orthodoxy is a cornerstone of Greek culture and tradition. The Cathedral lecture tour, hosted every hour, teaches you about the rich 2,000 year-old religion as you view the amazing iconography and the brilliant mosaic dome of Christ. 

If you don't have time to stop in for the festivities, then you can drive thru for a bite of Greek. Yes, drive thru is offered so you have no excuse to miss out on the Greek experience!

Atlanta Greek Festival is #where2go

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