Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Scoop on PooP-Fernbank Museum of Natural History-Exhibit through Sept 3rd -767 Clifton Road NE Atlanta- ph 404-929-6300 (Family)

How about taking the family to view the #1 exhibit on #2. Pretty funny huh? The Scoop on Poop, is the science of what animals leave behind. The discussion of poop is a difficult one to discuss, without a laugh, however, everyone does it including animals! In this exciting exhibition, you can find out all you ever wanted to know about poop! Listen in on a bears digestive system, compete in dung beetle racing, examine fecal samples in a veterinarian's lab, track wild animals by their droppings, or see out how long it takes an elephant to poop its own body weight! This exhibit explains it all, while revealing what we can learn about animals, from what they leave behind! Tickets for the exhibition are included with museum admission and are FREE for members!

A few PooP facts: 

~A rabbit can poop up to 500 pellets per day

~Premium kopi luwak coffee is made from coffee beans isolated from civet poop. Civets are small mammals from tropical parts of Asia and Africa

~Compared to their body size, seals have the longest intestines of wild animals. A large elephant seal may have intestines twice the length of a football field!

~Wild birds do not aim when they poop, it just usually squirts wherever they’re sitting at the time. Many birds will lean forward and poop just before flying off.

~Some coprolites (ancient poop) have mineralized over time and contain beautiful swirls of color. Some of them are polished for jewelry.

Fernbank Museum is #where2go

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