Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lets talk burgers this week...first up..Yeah Burger-Atlanta

This week we will be highlighting burgers... starting with Yeah Burger!

Named by Bon Appetit as one of their favorite burger spots, Yeah Burger just might become one of yours! YB believes in "keeping food real"  which explains why they cook food to order made with natural and organic ingredients, which means no icky stuff! The fresh toppings are endless and tasty which helps you to build a one of a kind burger. I happen to love their all-natural turkey burger on a wheat bun, but for those of you looking for gluten free, it's an option. Each month YB offers a burger of the month. This month is the Bacon Truffle Burger, is your mouth watering yet? Whatever burger you choose, pair it with an order of bacon cheesy tots, if not sold out! They are so delish, they can't keep enough! Lastly, finish your meal with a shake made with organic milk! The shake of the month is Banana Cream Pie (grab a napkin, you are drooling). When done with your meal, roll yourself to your car with a smile on your face. I guarantee you will be back!

Yeah Burger is #where2go


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