Friday, August 17, 2012

Atlanta, have you had a Waffold today?

Now you are probably asking,"what is a waffold"?  Well, imagine lightly crisped golden Belgiam waffles stuffed with tasty fillings such as spicy Cajun fried chicken, or gooey s'mores, neatly folded to create a tasty sandwich, or in this case, a waffold! Innovator Justin Lim, who also is behind Yoforia, a trendy frozen yogurt spot, has started yet another emerging trend, this time with creative gourmet waffle sandwiches. Lim loves staying ahead of food trends and believes his sweet and savory waffle creations will become an "up-and-coming trend, poised to be more popular than frozen yogurt."  Although Lim didn't create the waffle sandwich, he is first to bring it to Atlanta, and since Atlanta loves their trendy eateries, i'm predicting that Lim is on the right track yet again! For an added bonus, ALL the menu items are priced under $9! Chew on that Atlanta.

Waffold is #where2go

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