Friday, July 20, 2012

Pancakes Pancakes who wants Pancakes?

Baby Cakes is the place to find when you are salivating for fluffy, tasty gourmet pancakes! I say find, because Baby Cakes is rolling heaven, as in a food truck! Baby Cakes doesn't offer your usual traditional rubbery blueberry pancakes...oh can forget that..they have close to a hundred yummy flavors, but at any given time, they offer six pancake flavors, this way you can chance tasting them all! Owner and executive chef..Leah, is a self taught cook who had big pancake dreams! She and her team are on a mission to have us NEVER to see pancakes the same again. You can follow Chef Leah in her signature red truck (sweetheart) rolling down the street, or you can be smart about it and check the calender on the site, to be first in line at their next scheduled location! However, If you are not in the Chicago area, don't fret, place an order online and try any of the available tasty items in addition to their glorious pancakes!

Baby Cakes is #where2go

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